Saturday, November 23, 2013

Heading Home

We are on our way home. One more stop, to deliver in Arkansas on Monday, and then we will high tail it for home.

We have not been in the southeast, much less home, since September 23. That's when we left the house for this last round on the road. It's been too long!

There was not an intent to stay out this long, but one thing led to another and it just happened this way. We had expected to stay out for our usual 5 weeks, and then head back in. But about three weeks into our working, we got a BIG and unpleasant surprise.

We got to buy a new transmission, to the tune of $9200.00.

Thankfully the preceding three weeks had been amazingly profitable. And thankfully the following weeks have been as well. But it did feel a bit like a sucker punch to the gut. It's been one of those things we knew was coming. But you kind of always hope it will wait till tomorrow and not come at you today. You know what I mean?

Anyway, given that, and a few other circumstances and goals, we decided to stick it out till Thanksgiving. In some ways it's been easier than I expected, but it's certainly been longer than I ever want to stay out again.

Nothing else really note worthy has happened. At least nothing that stands out in my mind worth mentioning. Probably because we've just about run our wheels off, barely having time to breath the entire 9 weeks! It's been awesome (and tiring), and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I'd run this hard in a heartbeat. NOT necessarily for this long though. I've loved staying busy though. It makes time go by faster and your too tired to think much about what you'd rather be doing.

We should be home by Monday night, and plan to stay a week or so. Then we'll be back out for a couple weeks of work before Christmas.

We've got some work to do at home. The truck and trailer need some attention, the house probably needs a major dusting, if not more. I hope to get my kitchen painted, something I've wanted to do for some time now. Our family is coming to our house for Thanksgiving dinner, so that will be fun. I enjoy having everyone over.
And then there will be the usual. Relaxing in front of our fire (if it's cool enough), cooking, giving the girls a very long over due bath, and, of course, time with the horses. Just wait till you see how much Midas, our colt, has grown! We'll be bringing Fancy home this next week and Midas will be staying with his new owners.

That's about all I have to share right now, so I'm going to stop writing and put of a few of my pictures from this week. Next post will be from my kitchen table, probably after Thanksgiving sometime.

last Saturday coming across Lookout Pass in Idaho

heading west on I-80 towards Reno on Tuesday

Thursday evening in southern Idaho about 40 miles from the Utah state line (I-84)

another shot from Tuesday in Nevada on I-80
Wednesday evening heading back east on I-80 in Nevada

Our sweet neighbor sent us this picture a couple weeks ago. She said she thought we'd like to see our house with the fall colors before they were gone. We are still amazed at how blessed we are to have such great neighbors, all the way around!
**when I was blogging before, I could choose the size of my pictures and add captions to them by clicking on them, and a menu would pop up. Has that changed? I don't seem to have any options with the pictures now. What am I missing?

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