Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Start of April

Hello there! I've been gone a long time. I'm acting on a random impulse to share a few pictures with you. And we will see what comes of it. As I've said before, like a broken record, I want to blog. But when it comes down to it I just can't get motivated.

Now that we live in Tennessee instead of Montana, our loads have switched around a little, and not just because of our location, but also because freight is in a constant state of changing, depending on what the loads are paying. No cheap freight, and all that goes with that.

So lately, one of the places we tend to get loaded at when we're leaving the house and heading out for a round on the road, is a quarry north of Stevenson, AL. It's actually in Tennessee, just barely. It sits, quite literally, just there across the line, as you'll notice in the last picture.

But the point, and what I wanted to share today, is that the last 12 miles of the drive are lovely. Once we head north out of Stevenson, it's a little two lane drive winding through the hills. And when we left home a week ago, the clouds were low, shrouding the hills behind a curtain of mist. I love the Tennessee (and Alabama) hills, especially when they are like this.

Quarries are not pretty places. They tend to be more like ugly scars on the landscape. But this one is pretty hidden, tucked into the valley like it is. And I'm thankful for it because it gives us a good source for loads to get out of the southeast and back into the areas where we do most of our trucking. We generally load ground limestone there, and haul it to a few different places. This time we went to northern Indiana to a fertilizer plant. The limstone is used as the carrying agent for the fertilizer (they coat the limestone grounds with the fertilizer).

It was a pretty decent week last week, at least compared to first quarter, which was pretty slow. We're hoping the following weeks go as well if not better. Time goes by much quicker if we stay busy.
Six more weeks and then we will head home to start haying! As always, we can't wait to get back home.


  1. Yay!
    I would like that second house with the wrap around porch plunked down on a piece of land here please. Or just move down there- it sure is pretty.